Sunday, 20 Oct 2019

How AI Will Impact Smart Phones?

1. Real Time Language Translator Without Using Data

The market has ample number of apps that translate text from one language to another. All these apps make use of Internet data to upload the text to be translated and then translate it.

However, with AI incorporated in smartphones, the text will easily be translated by AI in real time without any Internet data.

2. Face ID Recognition

September 2017 witnessed the launch of much awaited iPhone X. iPhone X made use of Artificial Intelligence to provide Face Recognition feature, one which uses your face to unlock your phone. AI in combination with Apple’s detailed hardware, worked to provide more security to iPhone X users by giving them a feature that identifies the user by its face thereby adding more security.

Img Src: AppleInsider

AI helps in detecting faces even with grown beards and while wearing spectacles. One such smartphone that is supposed to have Face Recognition feature is Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.

3. Subject Detection Gets Better in Smartphone Camera with AI

One thing that Smartphone companies are working mostly on in relation to AI is the capability to detect subjects. The ability of the phone’s camera to easily detect the subject is all dependent upon how effectively they make use of AI.

The more efficiently AI is incorporated the higher the ability to distinguish amongst different subjects such as landscapes, fireworks. Once the subject is identified the settings can be easily be adjusted to get the best result.

Not just this, AI can even detect facial features to enhance the picture quality.

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4. Have Voice Assistant Do Your Work

Another way Artificial Intelligence will impact Smartphones in 2018 is the use of Voice Assistants.

Voice Assistants have gained much popularity in recent times. From Siri to Google Assistant, all the voice assistant makes use of AI for voice identification and accordingly responds to voices.

Voice Assistant nowadays make use of Advanced AI that lets them perform ample tasks making users work easy.

5. Aids in Performing Daily Tasks

AI learns and adapt over time and owing to this, AI on your smartphone easily and gradually learns your daily usage and then starts implementing it on a regular basis.

While attending meetings, you put your phone on silent or turn off the Internet while sleeping AI learns it all and will simply automate all these tasks.

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