Sunday, 20 Oct 2019
Category: Cloud Storage

How Cloud Technology Works?

I am pretty sure we all have some kind of storage devices where we keep our digital data such as images, videos, documents, audiobooks, etc. but what if at some point of time the storage device gets full? Then, we are forced to buy another storage device with a higher storage capacity but they all […]

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Reasons Why Cloud Data Can Be Serious Problem

With the rising popularity of cloud storage, and its ever-increasing versatility, it’s no surprise that enterprises have jumped on the cloud bandwagon. This powerful tool not only meets storage and computing needs, but also helps saves business thousands of dollars in IT investments. This high demand for storage has nurtured the growth of a thriving […]

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What Is Block Chain Storage?

Cloud storage infrastructure is the backbone of the modern internet as it houses massive quantities of data, everything from confidential enterprise information to social media databases such as those used by Facebook and Youtube. As of 2018, the global cloud storage industry is estimated to be worth USD 35 billion and is expected to exceed […]

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