Thursday, 22 Aug 2019
Category: Smart Phones

How Did Leica Change The Camera Game In Smart Phones?

I recently spent a week in Europe toting around the Huawei P20 Pro on a Huawei media tour. The company flew a handful of journalists overseas for a chance to learn more about the P20 Pro’s camera system and the company’s partnership with the high-end camera company Leica. When Huawei and Leica first announced the partnership to use Leica technology in Huawei smartphones […]

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Is 5g Network Worth It ?

Hotly anticipated fifth generation mobile telecoms technology, known as 5G, is expected to be a step-change in mobile networking – promising exponentially faster download speeds and data-sharing in real time. Later this year, several mobile operators will roll out trials of the first iteration of 5G in different cities across the UK and globally a number of pilot zones have […]

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How AI Will Impact Smart Phones?

1. Real Time Language Translator Without Using Data The market has ample number of apps that translate text from one language to another. All these apps make use of Internet data to upload the text to be translated and then translate it. However, with AI incorporated in smartphones, the text will easily be translated by […]

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